Q. Oh goodness.  I’ve never touched a pole.  I mean, I thought about it on spring break once, but I was too chicken.  I’m ready now.  What class should I take if I’m a beginner?

A.  Well, this isn’t stripper 101.  But if you want to learn pole dancing, it’s best to start with the 8-week beginner workshop or sexy pole dance basics class.  Don’t be scared.  It will be fun!


Q. Do I have to dance in my underwear?

A. Absolutely not.  You can wear what ever you feel comfortable in.  You will need skin to help stick to the pole, so shorts and a tank top or boy shorts and a sports bra are recommended for more advanced classes.


Q. I’ve got my stripper heels ready!

A.  That’s great!


Q. I’m not sure I’m ready to dance in stripper heels.

A.  That’s okay.  Barefoot is a great alternative.


Q. I don’t have stripper heels, but I do have a rockin’ pair of studded platforms I look super sexy wearing.

A. I’ sure you look great in them, but we don’t allow everyday, street shoes in the studio.  It’s not safe.


Q. Oh, what shoes should I wear then?

A. When you’re ready, 6-inch dance stilettos with an ankle strap are a great starter pair of shoes that are safe for pole dancing.


Q. Hey, I have a date after class.

A. Oooo, that will be fun.  Will you be wearing those sexy studded heels?


Q. Totally.  I shaved my legs, packed my date outfit and will be ready to go right after class.

A.  You shaved your legs?


Q. Yes.

A. Did you put on lotion?


Q. Yes.

A. You need to shower before class.


Q. Why?

A. Lotion will make you slip off the pole.  It’s best to come to class lotion free.  No lotion on your hands, legs, arms, anywhere.


Q.  Thanks for letting me know!  I wouldn’t want to slip off this pole.

A. You’re welcome!  That’s what I’m here for.


Q. Hey!

A. Yes?


Q. Do you offer drop in classes?

A. Absolutely.  Yes you can pay for a single class and show up anytime.  We have tons of different packages.  Check them out!


Q.  My boyfriend wants to come watch me dance.

A. That’s for the bedroom my dear.


Q. So guys are not allowed to come to class.

A. I didn’t say that.


Q. But you said my boyfriend couldn’t watch.

A. Correct.  We don’t allow looky-loos in class.  This is a safe environment for people to express themselves through dance and acrobatics.  We do allow serious, male students to take class.


Q. I’m a guy.  I want to take class.

A. Great!  You’re more than welcome to take any class.


Q. I’m really liking this.  How often should I train to get really good and do all the cool tricks?

A. It’s really fun and a great workout right?  We recommend training a minimum of 3 hours a week to be the best pole dancer you can be.


Q. How much is that going to cost?  Do you offer packages?

A. All the pricing info for single classes, packages and workshops can be found HERE.


Q. If I can invert, what class should I take?

A. You are ready to take pole dance workout.


Q. What’s an “invert”?

A. It means you can go upside down.


Q. I don’t think I’m ready for that.

A. That’s okay.  You shouldn’t rush to do tricks that you don’t feel comfortable doing.


Q. So if I like to take it slow, what class is best for me?

A.  The 8-week beginner or intermediate workshops are a great place for you to start.  You’ll love it.


Q. Really?

A. Yes.  Really.


Q. Hey, I want to progress super fast.  I’ve been watching videos and there is this no handed, upside down move I want to learn.  What class should I take?

A. Sexy pole dance basics and pole dance workout would be great so you get a solid foundation to move on to more advanced tricks.


Q.  It sounds like I should get a membership so I can train a lot.

A. That would be good.  We offer a monthly membership that allows students to take 2 classes a day with a minimum 3-month commitment.  We also offer visitor memberships for 1-week and 4-weeks.  Get the Info


Q. Do you offer private lessons?

A. Yep!  Private lessons are a great way to personalize your training and focus on what you need.


Q. Cool.  How much does it cost?

A. A private, 1-hour lesson with a master instructor is $150.  You can also take private, 1-hour lessons with your favorite BeSpun instructors for $100.


Q. My best friend in the whole world is getting married!

A. Congratulations!  Do you want to throw her a pole dancing bachelorette party?


Q. Yes! How did you know?

A. It’s a very popular theme for bachelorette parties.


Q. Is it lame then?

A. No!  She will love it.  Nothing like letting loose with your best girlfriends.


Q. What are my options for the party?

A. We offer a offer 60-minute or 90 minute bachelorette party.  Get the Details


Q. That sounds super fun.  Can I do a pole party for my birthday?

A. Absolutely.  We can cater to any party theme.


Q. I love taking class, but have to stop for a while.  How do I cancel my membership?

A.  We’re sorry to hear that.  Just send an email to info@bespun.com requesting a cancelation form or download it here.  Your membership is not cancelled until you e-mail back the completed form and receive a confirmation e-mail.