Sexy Pole Dance Basics

Perfect for beginners and great for advanced students focused on performing. Each class will highlight different dance styles, fluidity of movement, free dance interpretation, body alignment and build confidence through body awareness and technique.

Prerequisite: None


Pole Dance Workout

You’re not a newbie anymore! Focus on intermediate floor work, pole tricks and transitions. Practice combinations through improvised, free dances. It’s time to work what you’ve learned.

Prerequisite: Ability to invert


Pole Dance Workout Advanced

Not for the faint of heart. Take advantage 14-foot poles to practice advanced tricks and combinations. Improve flexibility and strength through conditioning drills. And, of course, let you’re inner dancer out during the free dances.

Prerequisite: Ability to hold a Butterfly or Aysha


Spinning Pole

Get ready to take off. This class focuses on spinning pole techniques, tricks and control.

Prerequisite: Ability to invert


Open Pole

For members only. It’s your time to play, climb and dance an hour away.

Note: Instructor not present



Recommended for beginners and advanced pole students. Increase flexibility, range of motion and decrease the ouch-factor in your splits and reduce the risk of injury.

Prerequisite: None



A variety of workshops are offered for students of all skill levels. Taught by BeSpun instructors and visiting pole dance celebrities.


8-week Beginner Workshop

If you’ve never taken a pole dance class before, this is the place to start. Learn the basics of walking in heels, climbing poles (with pointed toes ladies!) and introductory spins. Don’t fret, this workshop will teach you skills to start impressing your friends and special someone.

Prerequisite: None


8-week Intermediate Workshop

It’s time to go upside down. You’ve been wanting to do it, now you’re ready to do it. Learn to invert, do leg hangs and spin like a rockstar.

Prerequisite: Completed 8-week beginner workshop or ready (and brave enough) to learn to invert


Master Workshops

Take advantage of pole superstars like Natasha Wang, Althea Austin and Jenyne Butterfly as they come through LA. Learn their signature secrets and tricks right at BeSpun.

Prerequisite: Varied


Pole Parties

Ok ladies…bring your gals, bring your attitude and bring your sexy. Pole parties are designed to teach you all the moves to seduce on and off the pole. Learn sultry walks, sassy pole spins and sensual hip rolls. Oh yea, and leave the scrunchies at home. There will be hair flipping.


Private Lessons

Learn from the best, one-on-one. Focus on what you want to learn, create a routine, or work on your favorite new trick you saw on youtube. Private lessons are all about you.